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The Singles Market

July 3, 2019 Blog

Last year it was reported that single-person households were at a 20yr high at 7.7m. The respected multi-governmental think tank, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development predict that from 2006 to 2030 the rise to be as high as 60% for this sector in the UK.

With the growth of the health lobby and the physical fitness industry, consumption of alcohol is demonstrably falling, but those who do continue to enjoy alcohol want to maximise their experience when they do drink – drinking less, but drinking better.

Single serves are sometimes seen as the poor relation of the wine world – often the perception is the liquid is not good enough to be in big bottles or it is an overtly commercial wine. The irony is that this is not necessarily the case and as far as service, you will receive a fresh glass of delicious wine every time.

We have teamed up with one of our partners to bring you a fantastic new premium single-serve selection with the Emperor Point pair (a Sauvignon Blanc & Pinot Noir) from New Zealand and Hanger & Flank Malbec from Argentina.

Emperor Point is a split new venture for us, sourcing fantastic quality juice from New Zealand, a part of the wine world with a phenomenal quality provenance – these wines are no exception.

If your plan is to offer your customers a better level of quality in a single-serve format, with wine varieties that they’ll instantly recognise, we can only encourage you to get to the (Emperor’s) point!